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Why Am I Running?

I love Oshkosh, and it is important to me that the city that is sustainable, equitable, and thriving for future generations. Being proactive in putting people first so residents are supported, protected, and provided opportunities to live their best life is what drives me to want to be your next council member. I plan to focus on these key issues and topics: Sustainability, Equity, and a Future Economy. I want to help continue working towards an Oshkosh that life long residents are proud to call home and a place new residents are excited to lay down their roots.

It's not all about politics, it's about doing what's right for all of us here in Oshkosh and that starts with leading by empathy, compassion, and pragmatism. In my run for Congress earlier last year, I demonstrated my willingness to challenge the political status quo in an effort to inspire others to look at the issues we face today through a different lens. I plan to bring that same resolve to the Common Council.

Campaign Key Values:



  • High Level Vision

    Sustainability (Click here for more)

    Oshkosh is in a unique position to lead on sustainability and climate initiatives. Being home to important waterways and valued businesses, opportunities are nearly endless in the ways we can work towards a city that is running on 100% renewable energy and building a stronger economy while we're at it. It's important that the City Council champion the proposals and recommendations provided by the city's Sustainability Advisory Board. The groundwork is there, I am interested in taking it to the next level by being proactive in ensuring that we have a city that is ready to withstand the climate crisis we are facing. The end goal is to live in an Oshkosh that is 100% sustainable, equitable, highly collaborative, and a strong economy built to last and retain talent. I truly believe we can lay the foundation to achieving this in the near future.

    Equity (Click here for more)

    Oshkosh deserves a systematic shifting of priorities away from punishing homelessness, marijuana possession, and other inhumane policies. We need to create a vision of a more equitable future and that starts with solving our current issues in a way that builds up all of those in our community and that starts with supporting public schools in every way that we can and increasing budget investments in ways that directly benefit people. Every decision made should be with a conscious effort to benefit the many, not the few. Oshkosh can, and will, be looked at as an example that other municipalities can follow but only if we have full buy in from all corners of the community. I am proud of Oshkosh's history and am excited to be part of ushering in the next chapter.

    Future Economy (Click here for more)

    We need to build a human-focused economy that will retain talent that comes here via the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh or Fox Valley Technical College and is fit for future generations to grow up here. This can be achieved by investing in new high-quality and affordable housing, converting abandoned spaces to new green space, and better utilization of our historic and natural resources. Making Oshkosh a more vibrant and welcoming place to call home will ensure a community that is engaged and excited to work towards a better future together. We are spoiled with major world-class events, beautiful natural surroundings, a highly regarded university, valued global and small businesses, and wonderful citizens. I believe one of the key roles of City Council is to foster relationships between these entities to be able to be successful in governing in a way that benefits all parties involved. Let's increase partnerships, co-ops, and public incentives to drive more community engagement from our citizens, businesses, and institutions.


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  • Meet Michael

    I live and work in Oshkosh's Menominee South neighborhood with my wife, Megan, and dog, Coach. We met and fell in love in Oshkosh and during that same time we fell in love with Oshkosh. We have called Oshkosh home for more than 9 years now. I grew up in Freedom, WI before graduating from UW - Oshkosh with my business degree in Information Systems, which leads me to where I am today working as an IT Consultant. 

    My life story is intertwined within all of the different plans and ideas I advocate for, everything I stand for and do today is because of the strong and inspiring figures in my life. My mother instilled in me at a very young age what it means to be empathetic to others and the importance of injecting the world with kindness, so that you can receive it back. No one else has shaped how I am today as much as her. Everything I do today is focused on helping others, putting people first, and genuinely caring for those around me. These are now the type of people I gravitate towards and surround myself with. My wife is relentless in her passion to help out children every day at the Boys & Girls Club and the impact she has on people around her is extraordinary. It's comforting and inspiring to have strong women in my life that dedicate their lives to making the world a better place around them. That is what I too strive for and what motivates me in life and this campaign.

    We are only as strong as those around us which is why it is so crucial that we not only understand each other's struggles, but know how we can address them. Being deliberate in my decisions has always been my intention, which comes with an understanding that what I am running for goes beyond myself. My tenure on the Common Council, if I am so lucky to be given the opportunity to serve, will be a conscious and purposeful mission to leave Oshkosh a more sustainable and more equitable community for future generations.

    Relevant electoral experience:

    Below are some of my favorite pictures to help you get to know me more and put a face to the name.

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